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I had lost motherboard CD . please help me to download it. board name DH55TC VERSION AAE70932-301 SNO BTTC024003XB

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The drivers on the CD are so old, they are worthless.

Any drivers need for WIndows 10 are "inbox".

If you need any other drivers, you will have to search the web (being very careful). I caution you against using 3rd party driver download sites.




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Al is correct. The problem with the CDs was that their contents were out of date before the board even left the factory - way back in 2009. Further, the CDs only included drivers for Windows 7, which is no longer supported. Al is also correct that, if you install Windows 10 onto this board, all of the drivers you need - except for graphics - is already included in the Windows image.


For graphics, the Microsoft Compatibility driver is installed. This driver provides only rudimentary support for the graphics in the 1st gen. Core processors. It works, but don't expect much more - and know you cannot play most games due to out-of-date OpenGL and DirectX support. Your best bet is to use an add-in NVIDIA or AMD graphics card.


And please edit your original message and remove the Serial Number. This is really not information that you want to be sharing with the world.