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I have an HP 800 G2 …. why does your chipset download only upgrade some Chipset drivers.


Some Chipset drivers, have an 1968 driver date, while others are 2015. If I update through to microsoft driver search, I can update all the Chipset drivers to 2018. Where do I get the 2018 version that upgrades all 7, Intel 100/C230 Series. This is happening on multiple units, some changing Intel chipset to mobile intel.

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First, you are in the Intel Desktop boards forum. This is not an HP forum.

Second, you can get the chipset inf for your system from the HP support site.

Third, the chipset inf is NOT A DRIVER and DOES NOT CONTAIN drivers.

Fourth, you did not specify your OS, and OS version. Should we guess at Windows 10, version 1909?

Fifth, you did not provide your processor model number.


When you install the proper chipset INF, which is only provides the proper name and information for devices, you should be OK by doing a Windows update. If HP offers a driver update program for your system, use it.




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As Al said, the Chipset Device Software package (a.k.a. INF Update) simply provide INF files that optimally configure the drivers for devices in the chipset - drivers that are built into and deployed as part of Windows. Some of these devices have not changed much over the years - and many cases exist where only configuration data in the INF file has had to change - and thus the dates on these drivers can seem to be (too) far in the past. This does not mean that they are out of date, however.


Secondly, some INF files in the package are not installed if not deemed necessary. This can also result in dates not being updated. If you want to make sure that all of the INF files in the package are installed, what you can do if download the package in ZIP form from the Intel Download Center, extract it to a folder and then run the installer using the (manually entered) command "SetupChipset /overall".


Hope this helps,



Hi S, perfect … I've tried downloading from both Intel and HP. Ran setupchipset in silent, norestart. I've never used the /overall option. That updated all 7 drivers perfectly …. thanks Joy