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I have faced some abnormal problem with my PC hardware

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Hello (Assalamualikum),

How are you ?

I have faced some abnormal problem with my PC hardware. I am using core i 5 CPU mailto:650@3.20 650@3.20 and DP55WB desktop board.

Problem-1 : More than one ram is not supported. I have communicated several time with my manufacturer (Where I have bought it), they installed ram in channel A&B port of dimm1 (2GB & 2GB).But this setting was not working properly with good performance. After some days the pc show some error massage and was not starting pc. When I communicate my manufacturer they behaves rough/bad. Then I installed single ram in channel A, then start computer. Now I need to add memory (ram). I would like mention that ram speed is 1333 & 1.5 volt, Brand name Dynet and Apacer.

Problem -2: The all back USB port is not work with my EDGE modem , two port are work but remaining port is not working. When I contact with manufacturer they said two port are well this is sufficient for you.

Both problems are from earlier period of buying. My provider is "Computer source BD" . Their web site is

Please help me how can I recovery this problem.


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Hello ABDUS, In regards to the RAM memory problem I recommend you to test with identical memory that is the same brand and part number as even if they share similar specifications, this can cause these type of errors.


In regards to the problem with the USB ports, this may be a short on the motherboard and could be also affecting the RAM memory slots. If your motherboard is under warranty I recommend you to replace it to avoid further complications.