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I want to put HD in specific order. How do I accomplish that?


I have the DX79SI and recently had to start fresh. I let tech guys reset my system and they ended up putting the OS on Disc 1. I have 5 HD in system and for every system I ever had the OS was always on Disc 0. This causes a problem as I can't restore data to original location as it is looking for Disc 0 with the OS.

I have swapped the SATA cable (from HD) numerous times and I can't get the OS to be Disc 0. I unplugged the Disc 4 drive and attached the SATA a drive I used as external backup (through USB) and it then became Disc 0. If I unplug all cables but the OS drive, it becomes Disc 0, but as soon as I attach others, the order changes.

There has to be a way to permanently change this so it isn't random.

Any thoughts?


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The only way to move to disk0 will be to re-install the operating system and making sure on what hard drive you are installing the operating system on. You can go to the BIOS and check disk number before installing the operating system and during the installation you need to choose Disk0 hard drive.



Okay, think I solved most of it. I started over and grabbed in order the cables from Ports 0... Port 3. This put discs in correct order and kept the OS on disc 0. However, when I added the last 2 drives, it moved Disc 3 to Disc 4 for some reason, but the OS stayed on Disc 0. Why would the other drives move locations....for lack of better term.