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I210 driver and broadcast command



I'm using this driver (version in a supermicro board (model X10DRLIT). 

I wrote a simple application that sends broacast command via udp on port 1410 and

display received commands on same port. This application run on three machines

(that have same HW,  OS version and drivers).

All works fine if networks adapters are not bridged, that is I can send broadcast commands that are

received from other machines.  If I bridge the adapters, the result is that I can receive 

broadcast command from unbridged board, but  command sent from the bridged one 

are not displayed from the application.

Observing the message using wireshark seems all ok. There is a settings that I forgot ?

Did you have any suggestion ?


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You've posted this query in the forum dedicated to Intel's Desktop Board products. In order to get the correct mindset looking at your problem, you need to be posting this message in the correct Ethernet or Server products forums. Unfortunately, I cannot move this conversation to these forums; you will need to repost your message there yourself.