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ICH10R and RST 11.7

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I'm running the DX58SO mbd. which has the ICH10R controller. The latest version of RST for that mbd. currently shows to be 10.1; however, I know RST 11.7 is released. Will RST 11.7 eventually make its way over to the DX58SO download page, or do I download it from the RST support page? Will RST 11.7 even work with the ICH10R on the DX58SO mbd?

In another post /message/175847# 175847 175847 on this site I read that someone had a similar issue with the ICH9 and RST 11.2. Am I in a similar situation?

Thanks for your help.

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I've had bad results with the RST drivers. I had to manually remove them (even 11.7) because it was causing my Windows 7 64 bit machine to freeze (or generate a stop if I was lucky). All I got from support was to reinstall Windows (because it's software problem).

I had to manually remove the drivers in a complicated manner which I thought was a big pain, since removing the drivers via the Windows Management Console only pretended to remove the low level file filter iastora.sys and iastorf.sys from being loaded for the drives.

So you can install 11.7 from the download page, but I would then test your system for at least 2 days of file transfers between devices before you go on from it.

Or don't and trust Intel to release drivers that just work (I did, and that was not the brightest choice).