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ICH9R Specs?

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I have three sata disks configured in a raid0 array, splitted into two volumes.

the controllers is an onboard ICH9R (gigabyte ga-x38-dq6 motherboard)

while trying to convince a usb key to boot, i have changed in the bios the sata mode from raid to ahci, then switched it back to raid

after switching back to raid, one of those three disks is now marked as non-raid

the backup has failed a couple of days before (was an external usb disk)

no user-initiated writes were performed onto the disks (all i did was to change radi to ahci in bios - but not in intels' matrix option rom - , boot the stick, from the stick grub was performing only read operations from it's configuration file, removed the stick then switched back to raid)

the disks are all readable and smartctl shows all self-tests ok and no errors are logged onto the smart error log.

what i suspect is that somehow the bios has written some small piece of code onto the first disk, probably on the raid-relevant area, but all other data is untouched. Is there any way to find out what exact sectors on disk are used by ICH9R controller for identifying the drive as part of an array? Or reconstruct that information without losing data? I highly hope that accessing the specs of ICH9R could help me reconstruct the missing data on the affected disk...

screenshots from intel matrix option rom:

Many thanks!

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