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ITK EBU does not work in WinPE

As of version, Executable BIOS Update packages are no longer working in WinPE.

Affected systems:

  • DZ77GA-70K
  • DH77EB
  • DQ77MK
  • DH77DF

I have reverted to previous version until the issue is resolved with the current installer / build version.


Symptoms:The packages are created by downloading the BIOS with the ITK GUI and creating the executable with all BIOS settings at default.When issuing the command X:\GA0063.EXE via a batch file the following screens appear:

  • Welcome
  • Software License Agreement
  • Reboot to Install BIOS

Pressing the "Reboot To Install BIOS" button on the final screen has no effect, the screen is not dismissed, the system does not reboot. The system is however responsive and I can continue to interact with the session.

For some reason this is not exhibited when only issuing the command from command prompt manually.

The batch file method worked fine and still does in version

I suspect there is a bug in the latest ITK.

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I had our validation team run a series of tests but was unable to reproduce your issue. In all cases, the system properly responded to the press of the "Reboot to Install BIOS" button and started the reboot process...

Obviously, there are other factor(s) that are affecting this situation. Here is the process that my team followed; please respond with any differences from your process:

BIOS: EB0099

ITK version:

Tested in following environments:

1. Windows 7 PE 32 bit

2. Windows XP PE 32 bit (Case A only)

Steps followed:

1. Launched GUI application

2. Downloaded EB0099 from RSS feed

3. Generated EB0099.exe package ( with no customization )

4. Copied the EB0099.exe package into pen drive WinPE environment,

5. Case A: Created test.bat with the command "C:\EB0099.exe" in pen drive ( C:\ ).

Case B: Copied C:\EB0099.exe ( from pen drive ) to X:\ drive ( copy command );

Created test.bat with the command "X:\EB0099.exe" in X:\ drive.

6. Executed test.bat

7. In both the cases EB0099.exe flashed successfully on pressing "Reboot to install BIOS" and

BIOS was upgraded from EB0085 to EB0099.

Also executed above test case using SI1551 BIOS; no issues observed...

Let us know...


Community Manager


Thanks for taking the time to test this.

My environment is based on deployment software so the bat file and the exe get copied to the X:\ from a remote location. But issuing the bat file results in all of normal update steps until the final step.

Normally the command to update the BIOS is ex: GA0063.exe -s, but in silent mode *nothing* happens. Which isn't very graceful.