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ITK custom BIOS update for DH67CF isn't working

I just created a custom bios update with Intel Integrator Toolkit for desktop board DH67CF with the latest BIOS file (0156). Creation of the file went well I only changed one BIOS setting (After power failure - Stay on).

I then tried to flash the bios using BL0156-1.exe that ITK created for me, but it stops the installation with the following error "This BIOS has been corrupted or there is a problem with the hardware."

I then tried intstalling the bios using inst_bio_w.bat that ITK created for me, this time my computer rebooted and flashed the BIOS as expected, but the setting changes I made to the BIOS file didn't go with the update (After power failure was still at Stay off setting).

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First, restore the BIOS to default settings by pressing F9, then F10 to save and exit.

If the issue persists, to verify the BIOS for the motherboard is not corrupted, proceed with a BIOS recovery test to version (0156). The latest BIOS version can be downloaded from the following web site: Download Center

Instructions can be found at this link: Desktop Boards — BIOS update instructions

Load the customized BIOS again and if the problem persists recreate the file again.