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In the cpu support list the board shows Q6600 quad as supported. But when booting the computer I'm getting an compatibility error. (Linked image) anyone knows what's wrong?


Bios is up to date with the version 1761.

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If this is not an Intel Desktop Board product, you need to be discussing this issue with the actual manufacturer for this board (it is *their* BIOS that is making this compatibility claim).


If this is an Intel Desktop Board product, you need to understand that BIOS version is NOT the only criteria for compatibility. You also need to verify that the processor is supported by the particular version of this board that you have. For starters, please provide us with both the name and AA Number for the board. Both of these should be displayed in the Additional Information scene in BIOS Setup. If not, it is provided in stickers on the board. The AA Number is provided on the same sticker that (also) provides the board's serial number.