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Incorrect DH87MC SATA Identification on either the mobo or within the visual BIOS


Looking at the DH87MC motherboard, the SATA connections are numbered "SATA 6G 0" through "SATA 6G 4".


The DH87MC mobo diagram below, shows the layout and naming convention.

This is also how it is labeled on the DH87MC mobo.


If you go into the visual BIOS and look at the SATA devices, they are not numbered the same as the actual motherboard.


Above shows within the BIOS as SATA port 0.

On the mobo it is listed as SATA port 4

Say I wish to set a SATA port as being "HOT Plug" compatible, which one is actually being displayed and set?


The visual bios shows one thing and the mobo and documentation settings say another.

As it is now the "mobo SATA port 0" shows up within the BIOS as what is silk screened on the mobo and in the documentation as "SATA port 4"

I have a device plugged into the mobo SATA port 3.


Within the BIOS if I visually select the port I am plugged into, the BIOS says it is SATA port 2.

I have yet to change any settings and actually see which port is set as "Hot Plug".


Just letting someone know.
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I appreciate your feedback on this matter. I will make sure your comment reaches the proper department for future consideration.

Thank you for taking the time to communicate this issue to us.