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Incremental vs Targeted BIOS Updates?

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What is the official Intel response on incremental vs targeted BIOS version updating to obtain a relevant BIOS version?

I have seen several suggestions and it was recommendations that I do incremental version updates because targeting/jumping a BIOS version can/will cause problems with the function of the latest updated BIOS version?

My experience would suggest that this is a myth or technically false.

To a greater extent this is a risky practice.

That is, each and every BIOS version is complete, includes all necessary code/programming and rewrites/flashes all available ROM in the BIOS.

Therefore, BIOS version updating and or recovery to a previous BIOS level is largely independent of the current BIOS version installed.

Of course upon reboot the updated BIOS need to be checked to ensure any BIOS updates are compatible with the system CMOS settings.

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Hello m6bigdog,


In regards to your inquire it will depend on the motherboard and the version that you are using. Some BIOS updates require a minimal "BIOS" or firmware versions before you can update it. In some cases, customers have motherboards with a BIOS version that was released 2 years ago and wish to update it to the latest one and it fails. Here at the technical support, we recommend to do it in a few steps and to read the release notes, in there you will be able to read the important information and requirements.


The 6 series motherboards require a BIOS update to utilize the third generation processors, but you need to update the BIOS to the transition version ( you can find more on the release notes ) via recovery method first and then to the latest BIOS.