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Intel 2500HN - 3600-3650VGA - DOS DRIVER

Hello to you all.

I need your prompt reply on this issue: we've now sold two different pcs (one mb and two barebones) to a factory, to work with DOS - to control some automatons (we need the boards to have at least COM ports available. All the machines need to be small factor - min-ITX wise.

We started to deploy a INTEL 2500HN but with no sucess. DOS starts and boots up fine until the moment the application to control the Automaton is lauched - it's a DOS based graphical app. Further testing showed that everytime we tryed to run a game or some sort of graphical app, the board would simply reboot.

Thought the board had a problem and sent it to RMA. As a replacement we supplied two Shuttle XS36V. Again, the same problem as with the Intel 2500HN. After disassembling the two barebones, we realised that it packs the same chipset and graphic system that INTEL 2500HN has: Intel NM10 chipset + Intel 3600 graphic card.

This leads us to conclude that the problem lies with the graphic card under DOS!!!

Is there anything we can do to bypass this situation? Is there any generic DOS driver available that will get the graphic system working under DOS?

Please, do send us your feed-back ASAP!

Ricardo Pereira

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We regret to inform you that based on the fact that DOS is not a supported platform for the D2500HN, the support we offer is limited: Desktop Boards — Supported operating systems

The issue you are experiencing could be a compatibility issue with the mentioned software platform or the software application you are using.

Community Manager

When your's lazy ass make a drivers for graphics Intel GMA 3600/3650 for windows 7 x64 ??? WTF ! Where the support ?!?

or buy my win 7 ultimate X64 ! ! ! and other staff for x64 ....