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Intel D865GLC showing a green light at CR7 is this normal ?


I have an old desktop with a D865GLC board and noticed a light through air vent...pulled the cover off and found a little green light on board at CR7 is this normal or a sign that some thing is not right some where...? ?

It lights up as soon as power is turned on at power point....( wall ) So it is showing before ON/OFF button on computer is activated.

Any suggestions or advice please.


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This LED is called the Standby LED. When plugged into an AC source, the Power Supply provides a trickle of power to the motherboard for maintenance purposes (i.e. during standby states). This LED provides an indication that the trickle of power is being provided.



Thanks Scott I thought it was a problem and for change it 's not.:-)

Could you also possibly help me with the following ?

1...Currently my board has a Celeron 2-60ghz CPU and I have managed to find a PENTIUM 4 2.80ghz/1m/800 CPU that I would like to install

have tried to find instructions on your site but I am probably looking in the wrong place ? ? ( being 75yrs old doesn't help )

2..Bios version is currently BF86510A.86A.0056.P140402101402

Am I correct in thinking it will need to be UPGRADED ?

I have tried to find BIOS upgrade and iFLASH.EXE utility on your site with no luck.

Again I would be very glad to hear your advice etc..

In case you need to know I have upgraded memory boars to total 4G ( 4 x 1G

My OS is win 7 ultimate.

Also "floppy drive " is NOT connected was not when I got computer a few years back

Thanks for any help/advice


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  1. If you have never replaced a processor before, I suggest you find a PC repair shop and have them do it for you (it should take them only about 10 minutes to do so).
  2. You are well beyond the minimum BIOS required to support a P4 processor, so you don't absolutely need to upgrade. I suggest that you do so, however, as your BIOS is v0056 (p14) and the latest available is v0077 (P25). This can wait until after you get the processor upgraded.
  3. This BIOS is available here: Download BIOS Update [BF86510A.86A].

Hope this helps,