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Intel DG985WH Mother board Raid 1 Degraded drive issue


My computer gave me the message that one of the raid 1 configuration drives was degraded. The computer still boots etc. I went out and bought a replacement drive and placed it into the system port 1 where the degraded drive was located. On boot up the system still tells me that the replaced drve in my raid 1 configuration is still degraded. I was under the impression that if I replaced the degraded drive with a new compatible drive the raid 1 confirguration would rebuild itself. To restore my raid 1 configuration to working order what steps must I take?

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Hello K1vinsrtech, for this type of motherboard you would need to use the Matrix Storage Manager.

When you insert a new drive, the rebuild is not done automatically, it needs a user action, therefore you would need to right click on the new hard drive and choose add to this drive or rebuild to this drive.


The following picture is only an example


The following link contains the User's manual