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Intel DH00TC bios file needed.

I have updated my motherboard bios, then my pc not working, i want to back it to original bios, please give me the original bios file so i can return back.
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There has never been an Intel product (board or otherwise) with name "DH00TC". Are you sure you didn't mean "DH55TC"?

If it is indeed the DH55TC board that you are referring to, you need to understand that the board is 11 years old, was discontinued 8 years ago. and all support terminated 7 years ago. Intel Customer Support does not support products this old. Further, Intel no longer makes BIOS releases for boards this old available for download.

Ok, all that said, there are a couple of enthusiasts here who can attempt to help you with this problem. Please explain in full detail what BIOS you were running, what BIOS you were attempting to install and what happened during the BIOS installation process. Provide every detail that you can. If you are not comfortable communicating technical details in English, use your native tongue and we will translate here. Again, it is important for you to be as verbose as you possibly can.