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Intel DH55HC mother board plugged into HDMI to RCA cable computer doesn't do anything, and tv doesn't show p.c. screen

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I just got a hdmi to rca cable from so i could display my computer on my 1990's tv with rca's. I plugged the cable in and restarted etc. nothing happened on ether T.V. or Computer. I figured that the Computer would pop up with a multi monitor setup screen but nothing happen. How do I do it properly. I can't find anything on the web about it.

Thank You

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Hello Loala,

There is no specific configuration to follow in the BIOS; the monitor should work after plugging the cable. The issue you are experiencing is related to compatibility with the cable or TV and there is no much troubleshooting to try.

Our recommendation is testing an HDMI to HDMI cable to ensure the connector on the board is working fine. We do not recommend using converters or adapters since we can't assure compatibility with this type of devices.

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Dear loala,

From what I understood, you have a TV from the 90's which means that it surely doesn't support high resolution and/or high refresh rate.

You might have to connect your PC to a regular monitor "any would do", then try lowering the refresh rate & the resolution to the lowest possible. Surely, a TV from the 90's would not have a HDMI. However, more details are needed if that doesn't work "i.e. PC model, Motherboard, Video card, etc..."

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