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Intel DH55TC 1st gen mobo doesn't power on


lately I've been trying to install a core i5 quad 1st gen cpu to my mobo which didn't make it because of compatibility issues. So I decided to update my h55 intel mobo to latest bios thru thumbdrive update and it was successful tried to install again i5 quad but wont (machine check error), I've install back my core i3 and then all things work. But I also have another 1st gen mobo, a Foxconn h55, I transfered my core i3 there because I want to test it and used it for a long time and then my h55 intel was given a rest. Things changed my friends want to buy my Foxconn Mobo because his one was dead so I said yes to him. But things happen unexpectedly, after I install my components back to my Intel H55, checked before powering it. The mobo's led is lighting but I couldn't get it to work I've tried touching the pwr_btn front panel with a metal but no to avail, it was properly placed on a cool dry place with a static bag on it, removed all installable components. I've experience regret this time as it was my very first mobo and bought it a little pricey here in our local market like 130$ back in 2010, my mobo didn't go through mods or anything it just a plain workstation and a little gaming, didn't abused it at all. So will you give me any idea why it won't work after stocking it for awhile?


Core i3-530 2.93ghz w/ aftermarket cooler

4gb ram

gtx 1gb

sata hdd

500w tru rated


Mobo power indicator; OK but doesn't turn on

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Hi ramsalam,

I understand you are having problems with the system but let me help you.

Based on the system information you have provided, you motherboard may need a BIOS update to support this processor. You can check this at the following link:

There are some other steps I want you to try:

  • Clear the CMOS on the board by disconnecting all components from the motherboard for about 20-30 minutes.
  • Reconnect all components again but test the system with minimum configuration. This means 1 stick of ram, 1 HDD, no video card or audio card.
  • Test the system outside of the chassis, if possible in a non conduct surface like wood or glass.
  • Test another power supply in your board.
  • If possible test other processors or this processor into another motherboard.

By doing this steps, we will be able to discard issues with the components or at least have an idea of what can be causing the problem.


i will try your step one. removing the jumper including the cmos batt?


Yes. I am sorry I forgot to mention that. When clearing the CMOS, make sure the batter is also removed from the motherboard.