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Intel DH77EB POST problems.

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First post here. I built a new system one week back. Specs are:

Intel i5-3570.

Intel DH77EB.

Zotac GeForce GT630 2GB.

Cooler Master 500W PSU.

Dell 2240L monitor.

I think the problem has started only recently but don't know for sure as it may have been there since assembling the PC. When I power on the PC, I hear a beep and then nothing on the monitor for close to 30-60 seconds and then the usual BIOS screen appears and windows starts to load. Strangely, this happens only on a cold boot up. If I restart the machine, there is no beep and no delay in showing the initial BIOS screen and windows loads normally. I don't know what version of BIOS i have, it is whatever was on the board. I have the latest chipset drivers, audio, and video drivers loaded. I have not changed any hardware since then. Can anyone please help me find out what the problem may be or is this normal?

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That would be the beep when BIOS is ready to accept keyboard input for F2 Setup/F10 Boot Menu Prompt.

The delay between that beep and the post screen you see may be related to the hardware that is installed in your system. You may test disabling as much peripherals and options in the BIOS as possible, such as disabling boot to network and boot to removable devices. You can also test removing add in devices such as hard drives, DVD/CD drives, etc to see if this is being caused by an specific device.

Also try updating the firmware of the video card installed and try updating the motherboard's BIOS. The latets BIOS for this motherboard is available here: