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Intel DH87MC + i7 4770 restarts 15 times with PROCHOT led blink at boot


Hello guys,

I have been this PC for a year and half now without any notable problems.

These days a weird problem has started up:

Upon powering on the system, the PROCHOT LED light blinks (NO BEEPS), the processor fan rotates for a half second, and it stops. Only to restart a second later. This restart repeats about 10-15 times leading to the BIOS message of failed boot. Everything seems normal on the BIOS page. I saved the setting and restarted. The system starts again going a little further ahead and there it restarts again while windows loading. It takes about 10 minutes for the system to stabilize and run normally. Its weird because it does start up with functional Windows, but only after restarting n numbers of times.

I checked the temperature manually.. its cold..! Plus the system has been running normally afterwards.. so it does suggests that fault couldn't be in the heat sink, or else it would hsve tripped with a beep.

Yesterday onward, the system has been started restarting while the computer is being used, this didn't happen before.

Intel DH87MC

+ i7 4770

+ nVidia Quadro K600 [Dell 24" Display]

+ Adata DDR3 1600 (4Gb x 2)

+ Cooler Master Thunder 500 W

Any suggestions/Troubleshooting advice would be appreciated.. Help..!

Plus where is the Bios Log file saved so that the events can be read?

Please ask for any additional information required.

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These symptoms tell me that you have a component somewhere in the system that has partially failed and does not work properly until it has been heated up substantially. Eventually, it will fail altogether. In order of priority (only educated guesswork on my part, I have to admit), I would look at these components:

  1. Failure in Graphics card. Remove and test system using internal graphics. [Aside: this is unlikely, but getting the graphics card out of the system is something to do anyway, so do it first - and keep it out for all subsequent testing. Note that, if this alleviates issue, there is still a possibility that the real problem is a component in the PSU.]
  2. Failure in Memory DIMM. Remove all DIMMs and then test them one at a time (placed in Channel A DIMM 1 socket; the blue slot closest to CPU), If the problem is not present with a particular DIMM, then you know that one of the other DIMMs is likely the culprit.
  3. Failure in PSU component. Test with another PSU.
  4. Failure in motherboard. IF you are inside your 3-year warranty period, time to call Intel Customer Support regarding a replacement.

Hope this help,


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Hello Shaddysha,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

I suggest trying N.Scott.Pearson recommendations so that way you can find which component is the culprit in your system.

Best wishes,