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Intel DH87RLwith 16 GB Kingston Memory KHX1600C10D3B1




I have an Intel DH87RL Desktop Board with a 16 GB Kingston Memory Kit KHX1600C10D3B1K2/16G. This is a kit of two KHX1600C10D3B1/8G modules. The KHX1600C10D3B1/8G module is listed on the tested memory list from Intel for the DH87RL with module speed 1600 MHz(see The full specification for the kit is: Kingston HyperX Blu DDR3 16GB Kit 1600MHz , 2x 8GB, CL10 (10-10-10), 1.5V, 240Pin. The board is updated to the latest BIOS Revision 323 (RLH8710H.86A.0323.2013.1204.1726).

How do I properly set the BIOS so that the memory runs at 1600 MHz (2*800) DRAM Frequency?

BIOS memory settingMHz in BIOSMHz in CPU-ZAutomatic1.33*10 = 1333661.1XMP-1600 Profile1.33*12 = 1600661.1Manual (increase 10 to 12)1.33*12 = 1600799

Using "XMP-1600 Profile" does not work. (Is this a bug in the BIOS?)

Using "Manual" works, but which values do I set for all the many other settings? In CPU-Z it is shown as 9-9-9 which is above the specified 10-10-10.

The SPD has the following timing tables:

JEDEC# 4XMP-1600Frequency685 MHZ800 MHZCAS# Latency9.010.0RAS# to CAS# 910RAS# Precharge910tRAS2527tRC3436Command Rate(empty)(empty)Voltage1.50 V1.500 V

Thank you for your help.


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The following documents may help you setting up the memory in BIOS: Desktop Boards; BIOS settings glossary Desktop Boards; Performance tuning guides


I managed to set the properties for the memory as follows:

  1. select the "XMP-1600" profile


    (this copies the values from the profile to the screen fields)
  2. select "Manual"


    (this saves the values from the screen fields in the manual fields)
  3. Save and Exit

Now the values as shown in the column "XMP-1600 (> Manual)" in the table below are active and also shown in CPU-Z.

The board runs stable with this settings.

I still think it is a bug in the BIOS that the settings cannot be done with the steps 1 and 3 only.

(I am no interested in overclocking the system/memory. I only want to run the memory with the tested settings from the manufacturer.)

ProfileAutomaticXMP-1600 (> Manual)Frequency MHZ13331600TimingstCL910tRCD910tRP910tRASmin2427tRFC174208tRRD45tWR1012tWTR56tRTP56tRC3336tFAW2024tCWL78tREFI52006300Command Rate20 (CPU-Z: 1T)AdditionaltRRSR44tRRDR66tRRDD66tWRSR1820tWRDR55tWRDD55tWWSR44tWWDR77tWWDD77tRWSR910tRWDR910tRWDD910Dec-WRDXX