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Intel DP45SG and gigabyte AMD Radeon 7950


i am unable to get these two to work with each other.

i tested the board on my Z77 desktop and it works fine when i played some games on it and also ran heaven benchmark on maximum settings.

im going to test the power supply later with a volts meter but ill give you a quick description of what i did.

i tested the graphics card in the Intel D945GTP motherboard and worked fine. card got up to 80c when i began bitcoin mining so i stopped it and then tried it in my z77 board. temps were lower (73c). then i tried installing the board in the Intel DP45SG and i did not get video or any beeps. i assumed it was a bios update needed so when i checked, it showed it had the latest version.

i had a feeling it was my power supply so i checked the power cables and they all read the correct voltages.

i decided i would try to take one of my MSI 7870s and put it in the board. it posted and worked. so i took it out and put the gigabyte 7950 in. no post. did a cmos clear, unpluged card, turned on let it make tiny quiet beeps, then turned it off. plugged the card back in, same result.

is the board fully incompatible with the Gigabyte AMD Radeon 7950 graphics card? if so, i would like to know if an MSI 7950 would work in this board...or if there is any 7950 that would work in the board. i really would like to set this thing up for linux gaming and bitcoin mining.

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Hello Gameman_Advanced_Kid,

I am afraid to say that we as Intel® do not handle a list of compatible video card that can be used with our motherboards.

However, I recommend you doing the following:

1. Take the system outside of the chassis. Make sure you disconnect all other components from the motherboard and take the product out in a non-conducted surface.

2.Clear the CMOS. The correct way is, while having all components disconnected from the motherboard, disconnect the BIOS jumper and remove the battery for about 15-20 minutes.

3. You mentioned that you have the BIOS updated to the latest version. Just in case,, you can try flashing it gain using the file that can be downloaded at the following link:

4. Tested a different power supply. Based on the card specifications, it is necessary a 500w power supply to use it. Testing a higher power supply will help us to discard any possible power issue.

5. Search for the latest firmware for your graphics card.

If doing these basic troubleshooting steps is still not working in the DP45SG, there might be a compatibility issue between these components.


i forgot ot reply to this thread so here goes.

i returned the board and got my 54 dollars back. i could have changed the video card, but i didnt want the FP connectors and Sata connectors getting blocked by the graphics cards. im going to see if an Intel DX48BT2 will work with the gigabyte card i have.

i really REALLY hate it when manfactures play this dumb game of trying to get products compatible either for money or just because they dont put so much effort into it.

and i hope that intels socket 1155 and 1150 boards wont be doing this.