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Intel DP55WG won't boot with new video card.


My PC specs:

Intel DP55WG

i5 760 2.8 Ghz stock

HD 6870 PowerColor (now dead)

ASUS R7 360 2GB OC (new card)

Power supply: MS TECH 750W

Few days ago, my GPU get dead (HD 6870), and i bought brand new ASUS R7 360 OC.

I put it into MB, and PC turn on, but won't boot, it stuck a tthis place: (not my photo), and display 5A error, but on MB E6 error is displayed, and it stay at this place, won't do anything else, only CTRL ALT DEL work. I can't even get to the BIOS.

I put some old graphic card from friends (4 diferent cards), and every single one work just fine. Everything work perfect, boot without problems.

I put again R7 into MB, and the same problem again.

I try te restart CMOS, but nothing help.

Also, i try everything from this forum, and nothing help too: boot stops at 5A | Motherboard Forums

Old drivers are uninstalled, everything is clear.

BIOS is at latest version. This is my version:

I don't know what else to do, i spent a lot of money for this card (it's expensive for my region), and now it can't work with my PC.

The card is working perfectly, we try it at the shop where i buy the card.

Sorry form my bad english, i hope you can understand me.

Any help, i'll appreciate.

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Super User Retired Employee

You have run into an incompatibility issue. There are two types of incompatibility issues that could be affecting you, (1) video card's hardware (PCIe) requirements are not being met by the motherboard, or (2) BIOS' Op ROM (device driver) requirements are not being met by this video card. The E6 POST code would point towards it being the latter issue (E6 means BIOS started connecting drivers - and likely hung). Though it rarely works, one thing you could try is enabling UEFI. If this gets you past the issue and to the point of booting, you may find that you cannot actually boot - and you have to reinstall your O/S - but this may be (at least in the short term) better than purchasing new motherboard, processor and memory. Another alternative is to return this card and purchase one that is not quite so new...

Not the greatest of news, I know, but also not that surprising; your board is 5+ years (and 5+ hardware and BIOS generations!) out of date.



I will try to enable UEFI, hope it work.

Thanks for your help.

Super User Retired Employee

I am not saying that you have to go back to the 2011 video cards. At the same time, I cannot offer much guidance on what will work (I don't track them closely). I myself have successfully used Radeon HD 5600 and 5700 Series, various Radeon X1000 Series and various NVidia GTX 250/260/280 series adapters, but this certainly isn't an exhaustive list of possibilities...


To me, it's not problem to use one of old(not so old) video cards, because i'm not hardcore gamer, that must play on 60fps.

I just want to be sure for buying new card.