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Intel DP67DE- cant update newest BIOS.


Can't update it because Bios update everytime unsuccesful and seems that Im also vulnerable to Spectre. How to update BIOS. Please help.

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To be clear, you need to have BIOS 82 or newer installed to have the microcode update that addresses the SpectreB vulnerability. The SpectreA and Meltdown vulnerabilities are addressed by runtime workarounds provided in the O/S (Windows, Linux, etc.).

Ok, to your problem. Please provide the following information:

  1. What processor is installed?
  2. What memory is installed? Part numbers please!
  3. What is the current BIOS you have installed and running?
  4. How did you try to update the BIOS? Did you use the Windows EBU .EXE method? F7 method? iFlash2 method?
  5. What exactly happens when you attempted to install the BIOS. Please provide as much detail as you can regarding what occurred (or didn't occur) during the process.



Thank you for your fast reply

I have

1. Intel I7-2600K

2. 8 GB DDR 3, 665.1 MHz, Apacer Technology, Part number 78.B1GDE.AT1

3. BIOS BAP6710H.86A.0079.2012.0622.1722

4. I used Windows .exe method. This has always worked for me.

5. It installs the bios and says I have to shutdown my pc for the installation to continue. It takes much time to shut down and restart. After login screen,

it tells me that the BIOS update was unsuccesful and that the new BIOS was not installed. It tells me to look for BIOS readme for troubleshooting. And that's it.

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Actually, after the shutdown, the system will reset and then the actual installation of the BIOS will commence with an onscreen display. If you are not seeing this display, something is wrong. My suggestion is use the F7 method to try again. Here is process:

  1. In another PC, insert a USB 2.0 flash disk and reformat it, using the FAT32 file system and with the Quick option disabled (sorry for how long this takes).
  2. Download the .BIO file and place it onto the USB 2.0 flash disk.
  3. Insert this flash disk into a black USB 2.0 port on the back panel of the board. Do not use front panel USB connectors.
  4. Power on the board.
  5. When BIOS splash screen appears, press F7.
  6. In dialog that appears, select the USB flash drive and the .BIO file you downloaded.
  7. Press to initiate BIOS update process.
  8. You should see system reset, BIOS splash screen appear (don't do anything) and then a progress menu for the BIOS installation process.
  9. Watch screen carefully. You may see error message flash by. If you do not seen a "completed successfully" message before the progress page disappears, let me know.

Hope this helps,



Thank you, this really solved the problem for me. Much appreciated!