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Intel DQ45CB mobo in Acer M1100 case - How to connect front end?


I have put an Intel DQ45CB micro ATX mobo in an old Acer M1100 case. My problem is in the power connector from the front end, which has 13 pins, whereas the Intel mobo has 9 pins. Is there any kind of adapter to go from the 13 Acer to the 9 pin Intel? If not, what can I do? (The Acer 13 pin connector is all of one piece, and cannot be separated.) I'll add that this is not my main computer, so solving the problem is not urgent. although I'd like to get it to work. Everything is in place -- just need to make the connection to the front end.

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If you trace each wire back to its function -- power LED, drive LED, power switch, and reset switch -- you might find that they can be removed from the Acer connector and placed individually onto the pins. Every Intel board I've seen has the same arrangement (only eight pins are actually used; the +5v connector is not necessary; the polarities for the LEDs must be respected). I've never understood why PC makers could not get together and agree on a common format for the front panel pins. Dell does something different, as usual, and changes the reset and power switch wires around. It might be easier to buy a replacement front panel assembly from Newegg and use that. I've attached the pin-outs for Intel front panel connectors.


Thanks. The wires won't pull out, so that's not an option. I think I'll probably just get a new case that will be compatible with the Intel mobo. I had thought they were more expensive, but I see that you can get a decent one for less than $30. I have a Puritan streak, so I hate getting rid of anything that sill works (including a fine old Pentium II IBM laptop).. But the Acer case is nothing special, and won't be missed.

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This article ( Front panel pins not identified on motherboard - Acer RS740DVF - Super User) would seem to indicate that pins 1-10 (including keying pin) of this 14-pin (2x7) connector are position-compatible with the standard 10-pin header. The remaining 4 pins (11-14) seem to be for connecting additional LEDs...

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