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Intel DQ77KB powering 4 hdd

I am planning to build a very small NAS with this motherboard, with a Xeon E3-1275LV2, with a 45w tdp.

I would love to know if it can provide power to four 3.5" hdds through its SATA power connector, as i coundn't find a compatible PSU.

The DQ77KB has an internal power supply input connector, with 2 pins. Is there any PSU available anywhere that would have this connector, and would be able to also power four hdds? If not, the only option to use all the four SATA connectors is if the motherboard can provide enough power through its SATA power connector.

I wanted to use this motherboard inside a Chenbro ES34169 case, with 4 hot swaps.

This motherboard, is ideal for what i want, because of its mSATA slot, which i was planning to use for the OS, and the four SATA connectors for my storage.

But this power supply issue is really bothering me! ^^

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Not quite sure this is allowed here, but : UP! ^^

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Well, I may have found the answer myself, which would be : no.

The SATA power connector on the DQ77KB is stated to provide (technical spec, page 76) up to 26.15W, but my 4 hard drives would require up to 37W on startup (no staggering spin up on this motherboard).

So i don't think it would work. Maybe with only 3 hard drives, but i need the four of them.


Hoping this wold be of help to others - I'm planning to use 3 Intel SSD hdd's rated at 5v, 1 amp for a 15 watts total power for the HDD's and a Slot Load DVD using 5v, 1.3 amp for a total 21.5 watts of power. I think or the using the internal Sata power header and requiring four HDD's you might try using four Sata SSD's at 5v, 1 amp and an external Optical Drive with it's own power.

Another option might be like my configuration and include a mSata SSD for booting.

Good Luck

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Thank you for your answer, unfortunately this solution is not for me as the configuration i was planning was for a NAS server, and i already have the 4 hdds. Using SSDs instead would bring not enough storage, even though it would be speedy.

I liked a lot the idea of having a mSATA SSD for the OS, but i found a mini ITX motherboard with the same chipset (Q77), but with standard ATX power connector, and 6 SATA connectors, so i can use a more traditionnal 2.5" SSD with this solution, and also my 4 HDDs.

I dont't need thin ITX form factor, so the DQ77KB is not the one for me...