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Intel DQ87PG - Ram questions


Hello Intel Community,

Please help me with the below topic :

I'm currently building an home "server" , CPU Intel i7-4770s, Motherboard Intel DQ87PG , but kind of stuck at RAM part .

On the Intel site related to supported memory, there are a handful of RAMs mentioned, so it does not help me. I was thinking about :

2 kits of Micron Crucial Ballistix Sport 16GB Kit 2x8GB DDR3 1600M CL9 , therefore 4x8 GB = 32 GB.

Is there any reason why my RAM wouldn't work with the chosen CPU/Motherboard ?


Thank you very much for your support !

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Iloveme, I was checking some specification on this memory and it looks like this is a very low profile memory.

There is a known issue between the 8 series motherboards and the low-profile memory. Some symptoms we experienced were that the system was unable to boot or it randomly reboots itself.

The following link contains additional information on this

If you want to use the maximum system memory this motherboard supports, it is required that the memory sticks are built based on Double-sided, 4Gbit SDRAM density.

This means, that the memory sticks have to contain a chip distribution in the two stick sides and each chip has to be made based on 4Gbit density.

For more details about memory construction and specifications on the memory please contact the memory manufacturer and they can give more information about that.


Hi Sylvia,

Thank you for your reply. I think you checked the website : - Ballistix Sport Series Performance Memory

However, if you look at that picture, or in the text, this series has a normal size RAM and also a VLP ( very low profile ) size. And I will buy the normal size memory , as I already read about the problem with the Intel motherboards and low profile memory.

From what I read and from Crucial support, the RAMs should be just fine.

Have a nice evening and thank you again for responding to my question .