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Intel DX79SI Post Error 4F



I was hoping someone could help me. I am running:

DX79SI (latest BIOS, Board revision 602)

Xeon E5-1620

16GB 1600MHz Kingston HyperX RAM

700W Enermax PSU

When I turn the Board on, the post starts but once it has reached 4f, it just reboots. The CPU is installed correctly and the contacts are looking good to me. What could the Problem be?

Thanks, Chris

Edit: After some checking i am now able to get a 36 error with the Bios Jumper removed. I guess (only guess) that the Problem is Memory related. I will check with different RAM tomorrow.

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Hello Chris,

We would like to recommend to you the following troubleshooting steps:

Check if you have already tested the items below (click the blue links to access the information):

  1. Most a recent change to the computer
  2. Inspect for b physical damage
  3. Inspect the motherboard c LED light
  4. Inspect the d CPU fan
  5. Check for e Processor issues
  6. Check for f Motherboard issues
  7. Check for g Power supply issues
  8. Check the h Display card / on-board display device
  9. Check the i display monitor
  10. Check the j memory / RAM
  11. Perform k BIOS Recovery
  12. Perform CMOS Battery procedure

If everything looks like is in perfect condition but still doesn't work, please feel free to contact our support center at 916 377 7000 in order to claim your warranty on this product.



Thanks for the answer. I decided to take out the CPU once again and do some visual inspection.

What I was noticing has been that one pin on the upper left side of the socket is slightly bent.

Also, if i take a look at the CPU under (very) bright light, some pins on the side of the bent pin are darker than the other ones.

The funny thing is that i did not notice any of this before, though I did inspect it as precise before.

I did also switch memory, so this can not be the Problem.

How shall I proceed?

Thanks, Chris

Side Note: Please answer me as soon as possible, the Client who ordered this pc is getting really angry. Both the Board and the Processor cost around 600€ altogether, and he doesn't understand why such expensice Components dont work together from scrarch.

New Contributor III

Hi Chris,

If there is a bent pin on the processor's socket in the motherboard, the only way you can go trough is getting in contact with our support center at 916 377 7000 in order to claim your warranty on this product.


Okay, thank you for the answer. I am now heading to my reseller (since I am in Austria) and going to claim the warranty.

Big thanks!