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Intel DZ68DB No Video Signal

Hi, Sir

My new intel Mobo DZ68DB compleatly start but on monitor says no video signal Even i instal new Pci Express Graphic Card no video i m tired it's to expensive i can't buy new plz! help me as soon as possible to solve this issue Thanks!


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Re: Intel DZ68DB No Video Signal

Do you get video at any point in the process, even when you first turn on the PC? If you have tried both the port on the motherboard and the one on the dedicated PCIe card and are getting no video at any point, I suspect that your monitor input is set incorrectly. For example, you might have it set to use DVI when you are connecting with VGA, or VGA when you are using DVI. You can access this by pushing the Menu button on the monitor and try changing the input settings until you get a display.

If that doesn't work, try the monitor on a different PC - maybe it's a failure in the monitor itself.

In the BIOS, there are settings under Configuration -> Video. In particular, look at the one for "Integrated Graphics Device" and "IDG Primary Video Port." Or if you restore the BIOS to its default settings, you should get video as expected from the port on the motherboard.

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