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Intel DZ87KLT-75K Mobo RAM & mSATA Issues


The Intel DZ87KLT-75K is generally a very well designed and feature-rich motherboard in my opinion, but it has also been the most troublesome mobo so far for me. There are two main issues I'm battling right now which I'll describe below:

RAM Issue

I wanted my system to have a total of 16GB of RAM with all four slots filled up so I bought 2x Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 Model 996988 :

The issue is that my motherboard would refuse to POST when trying to apply XMP profiles with all four sticks of RAM installed. It would do the 3-beep pattern which indicates bad RAM and then shut down.

Now at first I thought this was an indication of bad RAM as the RAM could work at it's regular SPD JEDEC 1333 speed with all four modules installed, but after some additional digging I found that XMP 1600 speed would work perfectly if I only installed two sticks of the RAM. I tested this with both pairs of RAM in both pairs of slots and it worked fine every time - but once you try to put all four sticks in at once it just fails to POST again.

I would find this to be fairly strong evidence of a firmware glitch of sorts in the DZ87KLT-75K motherboard, unless it simply happens to be incompatible with using four sticks of this particular RAM. I would like to ask if Intel is aware of this issue or if anyone else has run into this? For now I plan to just return one set of RAM and keep the other 8GB pair since I don't want to bother with changing motherboards after building the whole system already.

mSATA Issue

So I'm sure that many have heard of the Intel 525 SSD overheating in the NUC systems, but I seem to be having a similar issue in my desktop. I bought a 240GB 525 SSD in the hopes of eliminating a bit of wire clutter within my system but it has been giving me nonstop issues and I've already initiated a return for refund with the vendor.

The funny thing I found was that if I ran the SSD inserted into the mSATA slot, but unscrewed such that it's hanging outwards for better ventilation, it could last quite a bit longer under heavy activity before freezing up the whole system and disconnecting itself as usual. If I run it while normally installed with the screw it doesn't seem to even be able to login to Windows 8 before freezing at this point - it didn't seem to be this bad when I first installed it so I don't really know what is going on... I'm not sure if there is a heat source right under the mSATA spot on this mobo that is causing the 525 to overheat, or if my 525 is just screwed up...

I plan to get the Plextor M5M PX-256M5M to see if that's any better :

They brag about extreme levels of testing and reliability in the marketing materials so I guess I'll be putting that to the test.

If anyone has any input on either of these issues that would be nice - thanks in advance!

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Hello Yangorang,

I am sorry to know about the issues you encountered.

Regarding RAM, it would be interesting to know more details about the memory sticks you are using like the voltage when using 1600MHz XMP and the SDRAM organization. I may suggest you to verify if the memory complies with such SDRAM organization based on the article or TPS document below; we also recommend using 1.5v (perhaps setting the RAM values manually) and updating your BIOS. Otherwise you may get a completely different memory model that complies with the motherboard requirements (from the tested memory list). Intel� Desktop Board DZ87KLT-75K; System memory (pages 21-23)

Regarding the mSATA Intel® 525 SSD, I can only suggest to make sure there is enough heat dissipation from proper airflow inside the chassis. In case the issue persists with this drive please contact your local Intel® support team for further assistance. Contact Support


I am trying to use two pairs of the Mushkin memory here:

They are a good brand and the RAM seems to follow fairly standard specifications.

The reason I believe this is a motherboard issue is because the RAM will work perfectly fine if I only use two modules. The only situation where it won't work is when I try to use all 4 sticks at once, in which case it won't work at 1600MHz no matter how I seem to set the voltages or timings.

It's somewhat inconvenient to contact Intel support for me, as their call hours align exactly with my work hours.