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Intel DZ87KLT-75K No Display


Good day

I have a problem with a pc that I received.

When you switch PC on it starts then for a second it switches off and then it starts up.

No display is shows on screen you connect via HDMI port or Graphics Card

Board also displays error code EB

Post lights all shows green up and till OS boot. Standby Light is Solid green.

Memory, PSU, Graphics Card, DVD and Harddrive all tested on another computer and working 100%

PC Specs are as follows:

Motherboard: Intel DZ87KLT-75K

CPU: Intel i7-4770K

Memory: Corsair Vengeance LP 8GB DDR3 1600MHz x2

Graphics Card: Asus Nvidia GTX560 TI 1GB

Have already tried removing the CMOS Battery and also moved BIOS jumper cable.

Sometimes if Graphics Card is removed the BIOS Post will show code 00 but still no display.

PC does not make any beeps and also does not switch off. Will stay on until you switch it off.

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First of all, POST codes are not necessarily error indicators; they are, for the most part, progress indicators. POST code EB indicates that an OP-ROM is being invoked. You will see it appear at least once in the POST code sequence as such an OP-ROM exists for both the on-chip graphics and for any add-in graphics card.

What I suggest you do is make a video showing the entire sequence of POST codes that are displayed and we can then endeavor to interpret what is going wrong. As well, the KL board has a large set of status LEDs close to the POST Code display. Please make sure these are also in view in your recording. Start this video recording before pressing the power button. In fact, it would be helpful if you made two recordings, one done with graphics card installed and one done without graphics card installed.

I would also like more information about the monitor being connected; please provide its full part number. The full part number(s) for the DIMMs would be helpful as well. I would also like to know if this graphics card was successfully used with this board previously or this is its first try.



Hi Scott@@

Please see attached as requested

The monitor is a standard LG 1943S VGA monitor with a DVI TO VGA CONVERTOR

The monitor is working as I am currently send this is reply from my other pc with the graphics card and screen and memory plugged into it.

The graphics card have not previously been used with the faulty pc it only came with the CPU, MEMORY AND BOARD.

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According to this video, nothing is failing in the H/W initialization, but it is hanging during Op-ROM execution.

If this is occurring with the graphics card installed, then this card may not be supported. First thing to try would be with an older graphics card. If this POSTs ok, go into BIOS Setup, enable UEFI, save configuration and reboot Once splash screen appears, power off and replace with this graphics card and see if it will then work.

If this is occurring without the graphics card being present, then you should try to reinstall the latest BIOS using the BIOS Recovery method. This is documented here: Intel Desktop Boards Recovery BIOS Update Instructions.

Hope this helps,