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Intel DZ87KLT cant connect MSI GTX 980 at 8GT/s via PCI-e x16 gen 3 port


Hello, I purchased an MSI GTX 980 gaming 4G graphics card yesterday and encountered the very problem straight away while connecting it to Intel DZ87KLT-75K motherboard.

The problem is motherboards PCI-e x16 v3 port doesnt connect the graphics card to its full transfer rate. Instead of transferring 8GT/s it now connect gtx 980 as PCI-e x16 v1.1 @ transfer rate of 2.5GT/s

I have two of these boards, immediately replaced the motherboard with exact another copy nothing changes. BIOS shows PCI-E x16 2.5GT/s and GPU-Z reports the graphics card is capable to connect through PCI-e x16 v3 but currently connected from PCI-e x16 v1.1.

I searched the forum. Found not much response as very few people purchased this board. I have used almost every BIOS versions to check whether it was causing the issue or not and surprisingly any of those available BIOS versions doesn't fix it.

I tried other PCI express ports with no luck and totally stuck here. Using the card at reduced transfer speed. I actually haven't had this issue with sapphire radeon vapor0x 7970 ghz edition.

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Hi ehsanrabbi

I think most motherboards if not all show the GT/s to be 2.5 In BIOS and actually most of the time if there is no load on the GPU the GT/s performs at the 1.1 GT/s 2.5 could be some form of power feature to save power, but then again i could be wrong.

Anyway here try this and report back, so that we know if yours is truly stack on the 2.5 GT/s 1.1 PCI-E X16 Speed

My screen shots even thought they are for GTX 770

Start the render test and check if it moves from 1.1(2.5GT/s) to 3.0 (8GT/s)

If it's still stack at the 1.1(2.5GT/s) then we may have a problem and Intel will have to produce a BIOS to fix it


Thanks Stephen. I actually posted similar issue on tomshardware and anandtech forum. They replied almost same thing. I actually tested this and figured out myself.