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Intel Desktop Board DH77KC USB Drive Boot Problems

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Hello Intel Community,

I'm encountering a problem I've never encountered before, and I've looked high and low for a solution with little success and it's an annoying enough of a problem now where I was hoping someone could suggest something I might have overlooked. Upon start-up of my computer, if I have ANY USB media drives plugged in (such a flash drives, external HDDs, etc), the Intel splash will come up and then my computer will proceed to shut down and reboot. Afterwards it will show the Intel splash for a second and then say there was a post boot error and if I want to enter setup or retry booting. This will continue to happen until I unplug all of my USB media devices (I can have my USB wireless keyboard and mouse dongle plugged in, no problem). The only way I can circumvent it (and inevitably boot anything from USB) is to wait until AFTER the Intel chime starts playing before plugging in anything. After that, everything's kosher, no problems whatsoever. This is problematic when I remote into my computer and need to restart the machine; I'll never be able to get back into it if I have my USB hard drives plugged in. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'll give you an overview of my build:

700W Power Supply


Intel Core i7-3770K


Windows 8 Professional (x64)


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Hi there, I encounter this issue in other non intel motherboards too.. So for starters you didn't mentioned BIOS version of your motherboard.

So first flash the latest one 107.

Note: if possible use express or iflash2 method to flash BIOS.

Now if you already have latest BIOS version & your problem still there , then open CMOS pressing "F2"

look for option named "USB optimization" check if its disabled or enabled . tweak with option. It may resolve your issue.


Note : I don't have this motherboard right so i am not quite sure under which tab this option is. but if my memory serves right check under the 3rd or 2nd last tab.