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Good evening. a while ago I bought an Intel motherboard Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO

Everything goes well until I install a graphic card. I tried 2x GPU PCI-e, and a  VGA PCI normal in 2 slots. I even tried a AGP card but no result!! The cpu is perfect working. The hdd is spinning. But no image on the monitor. I even try wot a VGA cable and a HDMI cable. 

Is there something that I forgot to do? Do somebody has good advice for me.

Or another good working motherboard?

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Very likely a compatibility problem with the PCIe-x16 cards.  Try using a nvidia 750 or 1060 card.

Also, curious as to how you tried an AGP card.

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I wish to buy a Graphics Card for my Intel DX58SO Motherboard.


I thought it will work via PCIE Slot only so the DDR3 / DDR 5 / DDR6 doesn't  matter.


But my friend says it will not support go only for DDR3.


Please suggest me.....

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Get yourself an older nvidia GTX 1060 card (PCI Express x16).  It can be a single or double card.  I do not recommend ATI/AMD cards.

Your board's specifications:


Use slot G in figure 1 page 11.


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Thanks or the reply but you said go for older graphics card... Is it DDR3 ?

When i look in to the GTX 1060 Card it shows DDR5 Card.


My friend says go only for DDR3 Memory Card with Maximum of 4 GB VRAM.


I can still work 3DS MAX 2020 with Vray 5 & Adobe Premiere Pro all updated softwares in my old PC.


I am trying to learn Lumion for that purpose & to improve my System Performance and reduce the rendering time only i am looking for the right Graphics Card.


I came to know that 2GB DDR5 is better than 4GB DDR3.

Due to my old configuration only I am not going to Mid-range graphics card. for Lumion it requires minimum 6GB Graphics Card.


1. Please tell me the Memory type... DDR3 / DDDR5 / DDR6

2.The Maximum VRAM I can go for...

3. I know only GTX Card not RTX but .... One Seller said that Nvidia Quadro Card is good for rendering & video editing. When I ask it is GTX or RTX he is blinking.... And I can's also find in the internet.


I am going to buy it today..............


Thank you......

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" Is it DDR3 ?"   I do not remember, but nvidia can tell you.

The reason for suggesting a card like the GTX 1060 is because with cards that are newer, you are likely to have compatibility problems with older motherboards.


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I believe that you are confusing the memory on the graphics card with the memory on the motherboard. There is no cross-requirement. Your motherboard requires DDR3 memory but your graphics card can have GDDR3, GDDR4 or even GDDR5. What is important for these older motherboards is that there are compatibility issues with newer graphics cards. With 5 Series boards, I have had success using NVIDIA GTX 750ti and older NVIDIA graphics cards but (a) I have tried no newer NVIDIA cards and (b) I have had no (zero, nada) success with any of the more-recent AMD graphics cards at all.

Hope this helps,