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Intel Desktop Board DZ77SL-50K does not recognize any bootable media in UEFI mode


Hello everyone

I am trying to install 64-bit Windows 7 on a PC with DZ77SL-50K and a 3TB Seagate internal HDD. The problem installing the OS is that after enabling UEFI mode, which is said to be necessary in other forums, the motherboard no longer recognizes the Windows 7 installation DVD although the DVD drive shows up in the boot menu and I selected the DVD drive to boot from.

Previous to this incident, I installed 64 bit Windows on the same 3TB HDD with the UEFI mode disabled. Then after the first reboot, it would no longer boot.

Please anyone advise me what could be done to get the motherboard to recognize the Win 7 installation DVD in UEFI mode.



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After three months, I am still faced with the same problem. Please anyone do give me some advice.

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Hi Ead.. Well you are setting UEFI mode as Enabled.. So after this setting, if you try installing any OS like Win 7 x64 or x86 , motherboard no longer recognizes the Windows 7 installation DVD.

Its not sensing because motherboard didn't sense any EFI file system in that media.. if you want to confirm this scenario then try installing Win 8 (it contains EFI file in it), this will work .

So if you want to install Win 7 OS in UEFI mode then enable "Legacy mode " also. make sure Secure Boot should set as disabled.

I think these setting should work... if not try only legacy option (Disabled UEFI option)