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Intel Drivers issue. keyboard Keys stop working after sometime.


Hello all,

Facing drivers issuess, (Intel Management engine, as per Dell Forums.)


Machine : Dell G5 with Core i7.

Issue : Keys 2, S, W, X do not work. They will start working if they are pressed mutiple times.

when typing fast, duplicate keys start popping here and there. i am sure of how many times i pressed a key, however duplicate keys appear in text.

sometimes, if i press the key 4 or 5 times, they start working. However, sometimes, they do not work for at least 30-40 strokes.

Once they start working, they work fine, as long as i am using the keyboard. Once i stop using the keyboard for few minutes, the problem is back.



As per Dell community, the issue was identified with intel Management engine and Intel chipset drivers. As per them, updating these two often solves the issue.


I have updated the software as per their recommendation. The issue got resolved immediately and the system worked

fine for 2 days. However the problem is back. This time, the above mentioned keys do not work. What could be done.

How this issue could be resolved.


Appreciate your help in fixing this issue. Its hampering my work and eating mind.


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The Intel me is not your problem. You have a keyboard problem. Replace the keyboard. If you notice, the 2,w,s,x located together. I suspect a soda was spilled on the keyboard.<G>





I have exact issue with Dell 5573 keyboard after driver update. N, B, 2, spacebar don't respond well. Had same issue 2 months ago and found a thread on the web regarding the issue with Intel driver update - I deleted said driver, and machine worked flawlessly afterward. Now I have same issue again, only I can't remember exact driver and I've searched high low on Google for at least 6 hours to find original thread and I just can't do it.....I'm so frustrated as I had the fix and now I can't find it. Please help. Thanks!


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