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Intel MB & Haswell Refresh CPU Compatibility Warning.


Have been investigating a problem with a new build, and from what I'm seeing around these forums, we need a warning thread!!

If your new Intel CPU is NOT listed on the Supported Processors list for your new Intel Mainboard, then IT WILL NOT WORK.

You'd think that current Intel CPU's would work on current Intel Mainboards, but hey, obviously asking too much from such a small company. Imagine the effort to do it, wow, bit like the Manhattan project or Apollo program.

I'm seeing many disappointed former Intel enthusiasts with the same issue as me (e.g yahi69 and Gary.F), and I bet many suppliers are being bombarded with so called 'faulty parts' without realising.

So, DH87MC mainboard, latest 156 BIOS, with Haswell Refresh Core i5 4690 CPU. System will boot and work OK, but will not ever successfully restart, or reboot after exiting BIOS. No POST or display after either. I suspect related to the different video clock speed, but just a guess. Yeah, I should have checked the compatibility list, but really... I've been doing Intel MB based systems for 15 years and didn't expect this one.

OK, I can handle Intel exiting from the MB Market (sadly), but very upset and annoyed that they have pulled the plug on their mainboards supporting many of the Haswell Refresh CPU's... Boo.

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Hi TiggerK,

I completely understand your point and I would feel the same if I were an affected customer. It is important to check always the compatibility chart between processors and motherboards to avoid this issue.

We recommend you and other users, visiting the following link for compatibility information:

Kevin M