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Intel Matrix Storage Manager Raid 1 Hard Drive Replacement


I am having a problem getting a replacement hard drive back into raid 1. My I&-920 Volume is missing a hard drive which I just replaced. There is no option to rebuild the volume or anything like that. Help please. Thanks.

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Hello usfjosh,

Just to make sure, right-click on the non-RAID hard drive in the device tree and select Rebuild to this Hard Drive, as per page 19 of the Intel® Matrix Storage Console user guide (assuming the replacement drive is same or higher capacity than the failed drive).

You may also reset both drives to non-RAID, as you have a RAID 1 the data will remain on the original member drive. Then, recreate the RAID with Intel® Matrix Storage Console and choose the option to keep the data from the original member drive. Please note such option is not available from Ctrl+I.

In case further assistance is needed please copy/paste the system report generated from Intel® Matrix Storage Console's help menu.