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Intel (R) 82578DC Problem


I have scoured the internet and can not find a solution for this issue:

"the intel (R) 82578DC gigabit network connection adapter is experiencing driver or hardware related problems"


I bought an Intel DH55TC motherboard off eBay a few days ago and everything else is working perfectly on it except the ethernet. The light blinks when ethernet cable is plugged in, I just can't get the driver to work. Ive tried disabling and re-enable. Ive tried to automatically update driver (says the best driver is installed). Ive re-installed Windows 10 hoping it would find a suitable driver. I've tried to install "Intel Network Adater for Windows 10"........halfway through it says "Can not install drivers. No Intel adapters are present in this computer". Im scratching my head. I dont get it. Ive tried installing the last update from Intel for lan driver (2013 I think?) Bios has been updated to last version. Im also getting "The device can not start Code 10" error as well.


I know this board is old, but Ive used much older boards with Win 10 no problem. Like I said everything else is performing great. I plugged in a usb wifi, and I can get internet with that, but I need the ethernet to work. SO, I was hoping one of you fine people may be able to guide me in the right direction.

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First of all, Intel is not providing Windows 10 support for 6 Series and earlier motherboards nor for 2nd generation and earlier processors. This means that no device drivers for this hardware was developed for Windows 10. Microsoft offers compatibility drivers to support this older hardware, but support is spotty and performance may suffer. Further, Microsoft provides these compatibility drivers as-is, without support. If it works, great (Microsoft will take credit), but if it doesn't, oh well (Microsoft will not respond to complaints).


Secondly, while Intel has traditionally offered support in its LAN software packages for most previous Intel MAC and PHY silicon, they removed support for a lot of this older silicon when they made the transition to supporting Windows 10. While the Microsoft compatibility drivers provide support for the older MAC silicon (typically found in the chipset silicon), their support for a lot of this older PHY silicon is spotty.


Bottom line, this double whammy leaves you with LAN issues. Your only alternative, if you wish to continue to use this motherboard With Windows 10, is to utilize a USB- or PCIe-based LAN solution (as well as an add-in graphics solution).





Thanks for the reply Scott. Guess I'll take earlier Intel motherboards off of my build list. I actually did order a usb Lan device off Amazon last night. I figured I'd give it a shot for only 10 bucks. Thanks again!