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Intel(R)_USB_3.0_eXtensible_Host_Controller hangs keyboard and mouse


Hi Intel Community helpful people,

I have downloaded the usb controller driver for windows 7 64 bit. I have attached a picture to show exactly what I have downloaded. However, the keyboard and mouse stop working (no led light) and don't response. I took my computer to a PC repair shop and the repairer install it for me successfully. He said I need a PS2keyboard to install the driver as the driver will hang the usb keyboard and mouse. Can intel provide me a more friendly driver to install? I don't have a legacy PS2 keyboard and it is not easily available in the market. Even if it is available, I find it silly to purchase it just for installing the usb controller driver.

The pc repair shop told me that in the event I need to reinstall windows 7 and reinstall the driver again, I will still encounter this problem.

Please assist and provide me a hassle free driver for windows 7 64 bit which can be fully installed using usb keyboard and mouse.

Thank you very much.


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Windows 7 has been discontinued for a while now and Intel no longer provides support for it. The USB drivers that you have are what is available; there will be nothing else. You really should be upgrading to Windows 10. Did you know that you can use your Windows 7 license keys to install Windows 10? You can.

There used to be instructions in a number of places that documented how you could insert the USB drivers into the Windows 7 installation image (using DISM) so that they would be available during the installation process. You can find these by googling for "add usb drivers to Windows 7 installation image". 

Hope that helps,



I din know that now still can free upgrade to windows 10 as microsoft website already stated that the free upgrade period is over. I am not that expert in IT and unaware of DISM. However I am not sure whether using DISM will hang my keyboard and mouse. I will try on this weekend as I am just a normal user. If indeed it works, thumb up to you.