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Intel Rapid Start very slow on ASRock B75M-GL

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I just set up my brand new PC with an ASRock B75M-GL board and Samsung 830 128GB SSD running Windows 7 64bit. It has 8GB of RAM, so I created an 8GB Rapid Start partition. The Intel Rapid Start utility shows it is enabled, delay is set to 0 (called "immediately" in BIOS). Indeed when I enter sleep mode the PC shuts down, briefly turns back on and then cuts the power. When I turn it on again, the Windows logon screen is shown within seconds. However, when I type my password and press enter it takes 20 to 25 seconds before the desktop is shown. This makes Intel Rapid Start slower than a cold boot, which is under 30 seconds.

How can I speed up Rapid Start? I still like the feature because it preserves the desktop and open programs. What could it be doing while I wait for the login to be processed?

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Hello Richie B,

In order to obtain further assistance on the Rapid Start application please contact the motherboard manufacturer directly or use our chipset chat support: Contact Support