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Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Failed Raid 5



I have a raid 5 setup consisting of 6 hitachi drives with a total volume of 10tb.

The disks are connected directly to a raid controller on a gigabyte motherboard and I use Intel Rapid Storage Technology to manage the setup.

After running this setup happily for over 4 years I had a failed drive this week. The raid volume was then marked as Failed. I can only assume this is because I noticed the failed drive by accident and do not check daily.

After replacing the failed hard drive I have marked the new disk to spare. However the Intel software now says my volume is failed, has 1 missing disk, and has 1 normal disk outside of the raid configuration.

How can I remove the missing disk and add the new disk as its replacement? All google searches have led me to believe I need to destroy and recreate the raid volume but doing so will inevitably destroy my data.

I believe I tried everything without deleting any data, at this point in time any help is dearly appreciated. I do not want to lose 10TB of data.

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Hi Maes,

I am sorry to hear your RAID 5 failed but let me provide the information on this.

It is important to say that RAID 5 structure saves the information randomly on different disks therefore if the raid is degraded at certain point, is possible to change the defective HDD and rebuild the volume but I regret to say that when the RAID 5 with status failed means that the MBR or the structure of the array has been damaged and it cannot be recovered.

You can recreate the volume but as you mentioned before the data will be lost unless you save it. You can find online special programs or companies that provide this type of service.