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Intel S3420GP server ATX board no video at all with UEFI GPU installed and motherboard bios in EFI mode.


I had to enabled EFI mode because windows server just wouldn't let me install on MBR. when I was originally testing the board I had the GPU installed and EFI off and GPU worked fine. I read somewhere that you have to disable secure boot but that option is literally nowhere to be found as this motherboard is pretty poorly equipped unfortunatly. after work I was going to disable IGP and see if maybe there was a conflic but at this point i'm just grasping at straws. any suggestions on what I can do or is it just a compatibility thing.



CPU: x3460


GPU: Quadro M2000

Memory; Single ECC DIMM 4gb for testing will install more later


Thanks for any assistance you guys can offer!


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