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Hi, I need some help here please. Ever since I purchased this main-board I've constantly been having issues with two of the SATA ports on it. Connected to it is a 1TB and 2TB Seagate, both reported as fine by HDD Sentinel and HDD Regenerator. Randomly these two HDDs simply disappear from my computer. Scanning for hardware changes in computer management makes no difference and they are not detected. The only thing that helps is restarting the PC. Both HDDs are picked up as normal again but then it will loose them again in little while. Does anyone know why?

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Are those Hard Drives on the Marvell controller? If so, I have the same problem (with the latest BIOS version). I have an open ticket to address this issue with Intel. They still have not resolved it (shocking). It WAS addressed in a previous BIOS revision. Intel for the Win on screwing up a fix! *sigh*

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Thanx for your reply, seems like I'm not the only one. Interestingly, yes bot of them are. I've moved the one HDD that I use more often to an Intel SATA controller to lessen the SATA disappearances. I'll have to wait and see. So far no missing SATA ports since last night. I have to say it seemed like it mostly occurred when transferring data to and from both HDDs at the same time.

I have to honestly say I'm very far from impressed with this Z77GA70K mainboard. It was supposed to come with a USB3.0 hub, which it didn't. The first time I started her up she refused to boot, I had to change the Ram to different slots after every restart to get it to boot. I done the early November bios update and at least it solved that issue. I added another Kingston 4GB 1333Mhz piece of Ram (slot 1 & 3) and bam!!! Instant BSOD. Ran mem test, no issues? Changed the Ram to slot 2 & 4, no more BSOD, but explorer crashes at least once a day. Sometimes it takes very long to shut down. I've also had it freeze on me at least 4 times on the Intel logo at start up. Now 4 times may not sound like much, but this is an Intel mainboard, this type of behaviour is very un-common for them. I'd expect it from a Foxconn or Azrock mainboard, but not an Intel.

My setup:


M/B - Intel Z77-GA70K

CPU - Intel i5 2500 (Sandy Bridge)

RAM - 2 x Kingston 4GB 1333MHz

HDD - 1 x Intel 60GB SSD 330 (C Drive)

HDD - 5 x Seagate HDDs (2TB, 2TB, 1TB, 750GB, 500GB)

DVD - 2 x (Pioneer, Liteon)

Card Reader - Vantec 4x USB3.0 Hub & USB2.0 Card reader

PSU - Huntkey 550W

Win 7 x64 Ultimate

BIOS and all drivers currently up to date. System is not over clocked and BIOS is stock standard.