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Intel desktop board DH61WW BIOS windows installation problem


I'm in a pickle right now..i'll try to summarize everything.

I updated my BIOS and accidentally ended up bricking it and i shipped it back to intel HQ and they fixed it up and i updated it again to the latest version so problem solved? well it turns out my windows got corrupted and is giving BSOD's and i've ran memory tests and reseated all my hardware i have nothing wrong with the hardware so its just the bloody windows! the only problem is... i cannot make a clean install and making a "repair install" ended up disabling my USB mouse for some weird effing reason and i still get random BSOD's..

So i really really need to make a clean install of windows but the boot menu won't let me... the setup just stops halfway and gives me this error :-

And to make sure nothing's wrong with my win 7 DVD i've tried installing a new fresh windows 8.1 evaluation copy off USB,DVD and i get the same damn error!

I'm confident that this has something to do with the recent BIOS update because with my old BIOS i was able to boot and install without any issues.

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There are a *lot* of possibilities for what is causing this problem. The fact that you did a fresh install with Windows 8.1 points back to this being a hardware issue. When BSODs are also happening, it often means a memory issue. Fact is, tearing down your system to ship off the motherboard and then building it back up *can* result in damage, no matter how careful you are. I would suggest that you try testing with the board out of the chassis using the minimum possible hardware. Try using a different memory DIMM or, if you don't have access to any, try testing with only a single DIMM installed. If this proves to not have any issues, install the other DIMM, by itself, and then test for issues again. If this too is OK, try testing with both DIMMs. If this causes problems, we can then think about the motherboard having an issue and whether another replacement is necessary. You are a ways from knowing that this is the case, however...



Yeah but i've ran windows memory diagnostics and memtest+ nothing shows doesn't detect any hardware issues...instead of going through this much trouble i think i'd rather take my HDD out and try to install windows from another PC.. if i can install windows like that then its definitely a hardware issue like you suggested.


spearson I've actually found out the problem! thankfully it was just the HDD error! i replaced it in another PC and it still gave the same error and then i ran windows error checking in windows explorer and it fixed it for me..


I can't believe this WORKED! i've tried running the same CHKDSK from command prompt and windows recovery console and i still got the error but when i did scan from windows explorer somehow it fixed the error!