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Intel dp55wg motherboard crashing with SSD


A while back I purchased two off brand 60 gb solid state drives to upgrade my PC with that uses the above mentioned motherboard. My original intent was to use the two drives in a RAID configuration. After installing these drives, I started getting random reboots with the message "multiple POST attempts failed...." message on my screen. After being convinced that my off brand drives were at fault, I purchased a SCANDISK 128 gb solid state drive and installed it in the normal IDE configuration. The system originally worked flawlessly, and I was able to get windows 8 installed. Now after a week, I'm getting the exact same "multiple POST attempts failed..." message again, and I cannot even get to the OS start screen. If I put the old regular SATA drives in the computer, all works normally. This is obviously a problem within the motherboard as going back to the "old" way resolves the "issue". What is the problem here?

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Hello Bryan,

This issue could be related to the Operating system, you may have a corrupt image.

My recommendation will be to install the OS again, but using another CD, image or may want to try Linux just for testing.

If the issue persisted and if the motherboard is still under warranty please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: