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Intel dz77ga, won't post, code 53


I tried installing new fans and a sound card. Upon restart, when I dld drivers, I went into bios and set my chassis fans to 60 and 65% to check noise levels. Saved my settings aaaaaand boom nothing. It goes to code, 16, 21, then bloops and gives me code 53. No video and no power to usb's. I can't figure out what code 53 in the manual either. For safety I've checked my ram, unplugged the fans, and the soundcard. Still nothing.

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Hello Fragglehaggle,

Let me help you with this.

There are some troubleshooting steps I would like you to try:

  1. Take the motherboard out of the chassis if possible to a non conducted surface like Wood or glass.
  2. Disconnect all components from the motherboard including power supply, memory, HDD, the BIOS jumper and Battery for about 20 -30 minutes.
  3. Reconnect the system to test minimum configuration. This is just one RAM memory stick, 1 HDD, battery, jumper. Do not connect Audio or video cards.
  4. Turn the system and test it.
  5. If issue persists, try accessing the BIOS and reset all settings to default:

Based on the description this sounds like grounding issue but try the steps above and let me know how it goes.

Kevin M