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Intel, will the Z370 platform support the upcoming 8-core Coffee Lake CPU?

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Intel we are reaching out to your for some sort of official response that any future Coffee Lake CPUs will be supported by current Z370 owners. You don't even need to confirm the existence of the CPU, even though it seems to have leaked. With AMD supporting their AM4 platform until 2022, many argue that Intel supporters should be offered some degree of certainty that their Z370 investment that is only 7 months old will also have some forward compatibility. If Intel chooses to not support Z370 with a future CPU upgrade, or the unconfirmed 8 core CFL chip I think they can consider that a very heavy nail in their coffin with tech enthusiast. Not only would putting out some sort of official statement on this topic go a long way with current owners, it would reassure potential customers to support Intel in the purchase decision. AMD is forward and open about this information, why is Intel so tight lipped?

Eagerly awaiting your response Intel.

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One thread is enough. Stay with your original thread: