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Is Realtek inherently flawed for microphone input?

I can't seem to get decent sound out of my mic on a DZ68BC, which uses Realtek, of course. Interestingly, neither can a friend, with the same board but a different mic.

For both of us the sound is a little...I don't know, distorted, watery, compressed? It's hard to describe, but it's not clear or consistent enough to use for long. And if you don't have noise suppression enabled, there's a terrible hiss, which simply is not normal (on non-Realtek anyway). We've both tried virtually every single setting that Win7 and Realtek have pertaining to recording, but nothing seems to do the trick.

We're both on the latest driver, but are they any good in any version? Is it just a flaw of this particular board (we're not using the case jack)? Sound is fine otherwise.

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It would appear so, at least for my new DZ77BH mobo. The sound outputs are great as is the Dolby enhanced sound processing, but the inputs are an entirely different matter. I'm still experimenting with various settings within Win 8 Pro with the latest drivers from the Intel download web site. Perhaps the best sound input is using a USB connected device?

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