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Is these compatible? cpu and motherboard question

I found this dx79sr motherboard online cuz of this site

and heres the exact model im trying to purchase on amazon Intel Motherboard for LGA 2011 Socket DDR3 2400 Intel - LGA 1155 BOXDX79SR: Computers & Accessories

As far as i see, these two are compatible right?

but what confuses me is that if i go to sites like and add these together without the compatibility filter on, it indicates that these two are NOT compatible and only 39# k models are compatible?

personally i would like to believe that has an error? I really dont get it right now T-T

can someone clarify this for me?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Is these compatible? cpu and motherboard question

Consult this page to see what processors you can use with the Intel DX79SR desktop board: Compatible Processors for board DX79SR.

Hope this help,